Our Company

Digiton Internet is a network company, that provides builds its own network to provide broadband connectivity in selected regions in South Africa.

We are investing our efforts to underserved home users and small business customers. Our network provides our consumers with array of services to meet their connectivity needs. Digiton Internet services offerings extend: 

High Speed Broadband Connectivity || Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Hosted PBX || IP Video Security  || Mail and Web Hosting


We are backed by a host of world class providers. We provide all these managed services on a single broadband installation. This helps in saving costs and passing the saving to our clients. 

Digiton Internet is licensed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) to provide electronic communications services (ECS) as well as electronic communications network services (ECNS.)

We connect communities to business and their workplaces. We offer tools to support the new normal.